TaniNani Release!

I’m happy to announce that TaniNani is released on iOS and Steam right now!

Thank you everybody that supported me along the way in various ways, it really means a lot! Apple decided to place it on the front page for games under “New Games We Love” and the support from all of you made the game reach the Top Paid on release day!

Currently I’m trying to be present everywhere and respond to questions, sorry if I keep this short.


If you want the links right away then here you go:

App Store: Link

Steam: Link


Take care until next time friends!


Update two weeks later

TaniNani also peaked at #2 in the Puzzle category and #3 in the Casual category, I couldn’t be happier over this so again, thank you all for you support!

Here’s me holding up an issue of Wireframe where they featured TaniNani!


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