WhyKev is an independent game development studio in Sweden that aims to bring polished and personal games that leave lasting memories for the players.

WhyKev Games

In Hoplegs you control a block with 4 legs to move around the level. Each button on your controller (or an assigned key on your keyboard) controls one of the 4 legs. Challenging - and fun!

Coming in 2021.

Explore a unique puzzle experience in your own pace. TaniNani is a puzzle game where you move parts of the level around to help the characters find the crystal and each other.

Available on Steam, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

Latest updates

Oct 27 2020

I am a speaker at Nordic Game 2020+

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be a speaker at Nordic Game 2020+. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I were a volunteer back in 2013 and 2014. I’m going to talk about live streaming the development of your game. During my talk I’ll use Hoplegs as an example. This talk…
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Aug 17 2020

Free content update for TaniNani

What a great way to end the summer with some new and free levels to TaniNani! The update is available right now on iOS, Steam and Nintendo Switch. So go in and download it right away!   I got some help from friends with this update, it was fun to collaborate now that the game…
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Apr 22 2020

TaniNani is out now on Nintendo Switch!

Great news puzzle lovers! TaniNani is now available on the Nintendo Switch e-shop. Check out the link here: TaniNani On Nintendo Switch. I prepared this announcement gif for months and now I can finally share it! I always imagined TaniNani being played on a Switch, easy to run around in handheld mode and then plug…
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About the founder


WhyKev is an independent game studio founded by me, Kevin Andersson, in October 2019. Dedicated to bring polished and personal games that leaves lasting memories for the players.

I previously worked at Zoink as a Level Designer and later as a Producer for several games. After Zoink I co-founded Elden Pixels with the role as a programmer and worked on games for multiple platforms.

Now as a solo developer, the focus is working on games that feel personally fulfilling to me.