"A 3D platformer collect-a-thon where you open, unfold and rotate your way through a world made out of cardboard, paper, clay and other handcrafted materials."

Welcome to PaperKlay

Buddy-duo Chick & Nugget

Join the duo on a creative adventure as they journey across a paper and cardboard filled world that will rotate and unfold your reality in order to save all of the lost eggs!

3D Platformer Collect-A-Thon

Find different types of collectibles in order to upgrade your abilities, unlock sections of the levels and help characters on your adventure.

Jump, Dive, Glide & Punch

Master a variety of moves to explore the world! Double-jump, dash and sprint your way through levels, or use your glider to reach new heights.

Fully Voiced Characters

Meet and befriend a charming cast of craftspeople, from the cardboard scarecrows of Foldy Woods, to the great Pinecone King, spiky monarch of Pinecone Village.

Key Features of PaperKlay

  • Explore a unique world where you unfold and rotate the environment in order to overcome the challenges.
  • Find a variety of collectibles hidden around the worlds.
  • Chat and help handcrafted characters such as the pinecone king and the cardboard scarecrow.
  • Unlock abilities and find new ways to navigate the cardboard and paper environment.
  • A wonderful soundtrack by Nathan Ross

About PaperKlay

PaperKlay is a short and sweet 3D platformer where you unfold, open and rotate the paper environment in order to freely explore the cardboard world. Find many collectibles and meet various characters in your adventures.

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